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We have a large selection of used office furniture in great condition at our warehouse. All of our used office furniture is made by the top brands in the industry and you can always find great deals from our showroom.


We can custom order all of our furniture pieces at any size,shape,color and configuration to suit your office needs. All of our desks,cabinets,shelves are fully customizable and ready within a few days.

Office Furniture Mississauga

GTA Office Furniture is a one stop shop office furniture store located near Mississauga. For over 20 years we have served Mississauga businesses with quality and affordable office furniture, while providing expert advice and recommendations that help customers make the best selection.When it comes to choosing office furniture, you want to make sure that the furniture you select is comfortable for you to use during your work hours.


Once you are in our office furniture showroom, we will recommend the right office chair that will help you sit comfortably for long hours and minimize any injuries that you might experience. By trying out our ergonomic chairs, we will educate you on how to setup the adjustments yourself so that you can customize the chair specifically for your body type. As for our office desks, we custom build our L-shapes,U-shapes, straight desks and reception desks. Each one is hand built by our local Mississauga office furniture manufacturers within 1-2 weeks. We are able to order any size, configuration and various storage configurations so that our clients can work comfortably in their new office.


We are one of the few office furniture stores near Mississauga that provide both new & used office furniture. Most of our products are made in Canada or America by designer manufacturers, which built very heavy duty and stylish furniture. A lot of corporate offices in Mississauga that re-locate their offices, we purchase their gently used office chairs,desks,file cabinets and refurbish them to look as good as new.


Majority of the used office furniture that we purchase are made by Herman Miller,Teknion,Global,Haworth,SteelCase which are the elite in the industry at making quality office furniture.The products they make brand new retail for several thousands of dollars, however you can find them in our store in gently used condition at more affordable prices. Our office furniture store is always overstocked and we always have truck loads bringing in new products to our showroom on a weekly basis. If your looking for office furniture in Mississauga, our knowledgeable staff members are more than happy to help our Mississauga clients find exactly what they need. One of the ways we minimize customer returns is by always having the best office furniture for our Mississauga Customers.


All of our furniture pieces are made with quality and durable materials that are designed to last for many years. We only sell products from manufacturers we trust and have proven to be reliable over the years.If your looking to purchase new Mississauga office furniture, we have a lot of office chairs,desks,file cabinets and much more.


Majority of our new furniture is custom built within a 1-2 weeks such as our office desks,boardroom tables,reception desks, file storage cabinets and bookshelves, we also carry a large inventory in stock and on our showroom for customers to try out and see for themselves.


Our Mississauga office furniture manufacturers are able to custom build any size, color and configuration for our clients. They also assemble each furniture piece so our customers don't have to worry about assembly. Logistics are an important part of our customer service. We work with a transportation company that delivers all of our furniture to our customers in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. We also provide furniture installation whenever it's needed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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